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  • Contract

    Northcoast Marina & Campgrounds
    YEAR 2020

      Primary Customer

      Manager must be present when the camper is placed on the site.
      All Accounts must be paid in full upon receipt of statement. To reserve your campsite/dock and receive free Winter storage you must pay a deposit of $650.00/$325 by September 1 st , a second installment of $650/$325.00 is due January 31 st and the balance is due May 1 st. You can save 10% by paying in full by October 31st. If your reservation is not made by September 1st or your site/dock is not vacated by October 15th (end of season) you will incur a fine and maybe removed at your expense.

      The RV/Boat owner shall carry' adequate insurance of whatever necessary kind to cover any loss or damage to his Boat/RV, the entire contents thereof, and for any personal injury and/or property damage, and it is agreed that the Campground/Marina Manager and Property Owner shall not be liable to the owner or anyone else for such damage or loss. Boat owner/RV owner initials:

      RV and Boat must be owned by the same person.
      SPEED LIMIT IS 5 MILES PER HOUR. This includes golf carts!
      The season is from approximately May 1 to approximately October 15.
      Water, electric and sewer will be provided as part of the campsite and dock agreement; however, weather conditions will determine date and availability.
      No person except the RV/Boat owner may work on RV/Boat in the campground/Marina without prior approval of the Campground/Marina Manager.
      Campsites/docks are not transferable and RV/Boat Owner may not assign or sublease. Campground [Marina Manager must be notified promptly ifRV/Boat is sold.
      RV/Boat Owner shall maintain campsite/dock in a safe, clean, attractive and sanitary condition at all times. Waste and refuse shall be placed in containers provided. Fines will be charged if management has to clean your area.
      If the RV/Boat is listed with a broker, it must be removed from premises
      RV Owner must have management approval for any additional equipment outside of camper or inside storage shed.

      NO decks or permanent structures or changes to campsites/docks permitted without prior written approval from management of size„ shape, color and location. Drawing to be included. Do not drill holes in sidewalk/bulkheads or docks.
      • NO DIRT BIKES, 4-WHEELERS OR OFF ROAD VEHICALS ALLOWED. Golf carts can't be stored in the marina and are for campers only.
      • NO TRAILERS OF ANY KIND SHALL BE IN THE MARINA. Storage is available for the season, see office for rules and availability NO REFUELING ALLOWED. Violation of this rule will cause immediate cancellation of contract.
      • A portable pump out for your boat is available. Dumping of porta-potties in toilets is prohibited.
      Children MUST be accompanied by an adult when in the Campground/Marina.
      • All Marina channels are a NO WAKE ZONE.
      • No fires or open flames are permitted on boats or dock sites.
      • Pool/spa rules are posted, please follow them. NO GLASS IN POOL AREA!
      Children under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them at all times in the pool area.
      • All power cords connecting to marina power must be GFI protected and marine approved power cords to boats.
      Electrical connections can only be made in outlets that are provided. Do not open electrical box.
      • Pets in the campground/marina MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their own pets. Pets are not permitted in buildings or pool area. Please keep your pet quiet, loud noises may require your pet be removed. Fines and/or Termination of contract if these rules are broken.
      • No fireworks or firearms are allowed on the grounds at any time. Violators will be subject to prosecution.
      • No fish cleaning allowed on campground/marina property, except at fish cleaning stations. Please place all fish remains in chest freezers that are provided.
      • Between the hours of 11:00pm and 7:00am excessive noise created by anything or anyone that would be disturbing to others is not permitted.
      • RV/Boat Owners will be responsible for the actions of their guests and must be present when their guests are at the campground or marina property.
      • Violent or abusive behavior should be reported to authorities and will not be tolerated and could be cause for immediate termination of contract.
      • No tents, screen houses or awnings except for standard attached camper awnings. No camping or sleeping in anything other than your boat in the marina.
      • If you are in a dock area that can have a tent (awning), rules apply, see office for list of rules.
      • WIFI is available in the marina and campground. Rules apply, see office for information and rules.
      • All cars parked in Campground[Marina area must be parked in an orderly manner. No parking on the grass. No furniture or equipment may be stored or used in the parking areas. Guests should park in the guest parking area.
      • No more than 4 guests at a time allowed on marina./campground property per membership. If you have more than 4 guests then the clubhouse is where you need to be for your gathering. Please stop in the office and schedule your day.
      • RV/Boat Owner and guests shall comply with all rules and regulations established by the Campground/Marina Manager. Please notify manager of any trespasser or broken electrical outlets,water lines or tie down cleats.
      • The property owner is entitled to assign this agreement to another party without prior notice to RV/Boat Owner. In the event this property is sold, the Property Owner has the right, but not the obligation, to terminate this agreement with a rental rebate made on a pro-rated basis. Rules subject to change by management. Fines will charged if these rules are broken. First offense $100, second offense $250, Third offense termination of contract.
      Upon breaching of the terms of this agreement by RV/Boat Owner the Manager may cancel and terminate this Agreement upon a
      48 hours' notice to the RV/Boat Owner. Such notice may be given personally or by mail to the RV/Boat Owner at address hereinafter set forth. No rental refund shall be made upon termination of contract by Customer or Management.
      I hereby agree that my guests and I will adhere to the regulations as listed. I further agree that the Campground and Marina Manager and Property Owner shall not be liable at any time for loss or damage whatsoever and that any violation of the regulations will be cause for cancellation of my campsite/dock privileges.